As a startup, you need to scale your sales operations while focusing on your core business – a delicate balancing act. To grow your business, it’s critical for your sales force to remain focused on goals and motivated by sales incentives. This requires you to create the right type of incentive program, while ensuring you pay commissions correctly and on time. Finally, you also want your sales operations to be as streamlined and efficient as possible.

At the same time, you just don’t have the time or budget to commit to an expensive solution. And you certainly don’t have time to manually generate and distribute sales commission spreadsheets every month. You also need a high degree of commission agility – either because you are experimenting with different sales incentive models (ex: revenue-based vs. profit-based vs. sales contests), or because your landscape is constantly changing and you often need to tweak incentives.

Here at Sales Cookie, we’ve made our award-winning sales commission management solution free for startups with 500K or less in revenue. Using Sales Cookie, startups can easily design incentive plans and run commission calculations, free of charge. Each rep gets an exciting online dashboard, from which they can enroll in incentive plans and review their commissions from any device.

Using Sales Cookie you will:

  • Get 1 year of service – free of charge
  • Receive free assistance regarding sales incentive programs
  • Easily design and make changes to your incentive program
  • Explore many different options for compensating your reps
  • Eliminate manual generation of commission spreadsheets
  • Increase rep motivation and commission transparency
  • Create what-if commission plans and simulations
  • Run fast commission calculations any time
  • Pay your reps the right amount – on time
  • Legally protect your incentive program
  • Generate payout, crediting, attainment reports
  • Integrate with many systems – Dynamics, HubSpot, QuickBooks, PayPal, SalesForce, etc.

There are three reasons why we’ve made our solution free for startups under 500K in revenue:

  • We believe in innovation and in taking risk, and want to support you
  • We want to grow with you by helping you scale your sales operations
  • We know that startups understand how automation helps streamline operations

This screenshot shows you how you’ll be able to manage your incentive program using our web-based interface:


This screenshot shows you what incentive dashboards will look like for your reps:


In Conclusion

If you are a startup with under 500K of revenue, you can use Sales Cookie free of charge for 1 year. Our sales commission management solution will help streamline your sales operations, and let you easily create and change incentive plans. Get in touch or visit us online for help automating your sales incentive program!