Automate Your Sales Incentive Program

  • Solve administration headaches
  • Eliminate spreadsheet distribution
  • Give each rep an incentive dashboard
  • Change compensation models any time
  • Ensure compliance & access control
  • Deliver accurate commisions
  • Stop losing top reps over commissions
  • Legally protect your incentive program
  • Automate everything within hours
  • Organize & resolve commission disputes

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4 Reasons To Use Sales Cookie

  You've Lost Good Reps Over Sales Commissions
  Managing Commissions Takes Too Much Of Your Time
  You've Experienced Sales Commission Calculation Errors
  You're Manually Distributing Sales Commission Spreadsheets

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Sales Commissions Made Easy

Ready to become your sales team's hero?

Sales Cookie is the most powerful sales commission management solution for SMBs. Our cloud-based solution makes it easy to design and manage sales incentive plans - even very complex ones. Every sales representative gets a personalized dashboard with their goals, crediting, and rewards. All calculations are fast and accurate so you can pay reps on time. Here is what the admin dashboard looks like:

How It Works

Four Simple Steps To Automate Your Incentive Program

Whether you want to keep things simple or require complex plans, we have your back. From multi-currency support to advanced reporting, we're confident we can handle your scenario. Become your sales team's hero by automating your sales incentives today!

Design Incentive Plans

Define Sales Goals, Potential Rewards, Terms & Conditions
  • Use the plan designer to easily create new sales incentive plans
  • Configure visibility so that only authorized users have access to your plans
  • Reconfigure incentives any time, run simulations, choose the best model
  • Avoid overpayment by configuring payment limits, excluding taxes, and more
  • Choose rewards - from straight commissions to badges or salary-based bonuses
  • Expand beyond traditional revenue-based quotas: use profit, scoring, rankings

Import Sales Transactions

Import Orders & Purchases (Or Any Other Sales Events)
  • Import data using CSV - or sync from QuickBooks, HubSpot, SalesForce, Dynamics
  • Use your own data format - we'll handle it and extract values & currencies
  • Sync data from any sales or accounting system using Web Endpoints
  • Use search queries to filter transactions for each incentive plan
  • Configure recurring transaction sync to eliminate manual data uploads
  • Leverage automatic field mapping - we'll analyze your data and auto-map fields

Run Calculations

Run Calculations, Verify Rewards, Pay On time
  • Configure participant personal incentive dashboards
  • Run or re-run incentive calculations on demand - get results within minutes
  • Use simulation mode to predict incentive spend and reward assignment
  • Easily audit credits and rewards - release them to your team once approved
  • Use advanced reporting capabilities, from built-in reports to Power BI Desktop
  • Automatically convert currencies (we'll even lookup exchange rates for you)

View Personal Dashboard

Configure Personal Incentive Dashboards
  • Display team announcements
  • Review current and past payouts
  • See how your team is performing
  • Ensure formal user enrollment
  • Download statements in PDF format
  • See rankings, earned badges, and more

Packed With Features

Everything You Need + More

It's time to say goodbye to sales commission headaches! Whether you want to keep things simple or require complex plans, we can help. From multi-currency support to enterprise reporting, you'll find features you need. Avoid administrative headaches, save time & money, and make your sales incentive program flexible and meaningful.

Free Trial

Don't take our word for it! Our free trial lets you experiment with zero risk to your business. Trials are good for 14 days and no credit card is required.

Rapid Deployment

Our solution is 100% cloud based so there is nothing to install. No need for dedicated IT resources, or expensive consulting engagements.

Plan Designer

Our plan designer will walk you through compensation design step-by-step. No technical knowledge is required (even to create sophisticated rewards).

Flexible Rewards

From sales contest, traditional quotas, split commissions - to complex territory cascading rules, we offer the flexibilty you need to create meaningful rewards.

Better Communication

From managing plan acceptance, to automatically informing participants of important changes, we'll help rebuild trust in your incentive program.

Auditable & Secure

Dealing with sensitive data requires strong security. From encryption to change logs or precise permission management, we'll keep your data safe.

Fully Automated

Define rewards and participants. Upload sales transactions. We'll do all the calculations and generate easy-to-understand reward statements.

Your Data's Shape

The "shape" of sales transaction data is unique to each business. We'll adapt to the shape of your transactions to ensure correct payment.

Powerful Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to review and analyze rewards. We'll even alert you if something looks wrong. Our reports look beautiful too!


We offer innovative plan designs not found in any other automation solution. The best part is that those designs are meaningful and avoid overpayment.


A sales incentive solution should not work in isolation. Connect to QuickBooks, HubSpot, SalesForce, Dynamics, PayPal - or any other system.

Modern UI

Designing and managing incentives should not be boring - it should feel exciting! You deserve to work with a modern, responsive user interface.

Money Saver

Spend less time dealing with disputes. Ensure accurate calculations. Configure your plan to exclude taxes. Set limits to prevent overpayment.


Automatically convert between currencies. Specify exchange rates, or let us automatically lookup market rates. Compensate users in different currencies.

Great Support

Our support center contains several hundred KBs. But should you not find what you need, support is included with each plan. Take a look at our support center.

2018 Survey

We interviewed 83 North American SMB sales management professionals about their incentive programs. Here are some of our findings.

4.5 %

Percentage of payouts later identified as overpayments

17 hrs

Administration time spent per week on repetitive tasks

65 %

Representatives using shadow accounting to verify payouts

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Incentive Design Guide

A step-by-step approach

Scoping Sales Performance 

Individual or team performance?

Choosing a Sales Metric

Revenue, profit, or scoring?

Choosing Rewards

More than just cash!

Measuring Sales Results

Quotas or contests?

Assigning Rewards

More options than you think

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