Seattle-based Sales Cookie has announced its commission management suite now supports Zapier. Using the new Zapier integration, customers can automatically push sales data to Sales Cookie and calculate accurate sales commissions. Hundreds of cloud platforms, including countless CRM and accounting systems, are now supported via the new integration. The recently added Zapier integration also makes it possible to automate payment of commissions using platforms such as, Chargebee, PayPal, or Recurly.

Sales Cookie already offers native support for many systems – including PayPal, QuickBooks, Dynamics CRM, SalesForce or HubSpot. This makes it possible for customers to integrate immediately without any dependency on Zapier. However, our new Zapier integration brings automated sales commissions to hundreds more platforms. In addition, customers can now fully automate payment of sales commissions to employees, vendors, and agents. We’re very excited about bringing even higher levels of automation to the world of sales commissions.

Configuring Zapier to send sales data to Sales Cookie only requires a few configuration steps and no coding is required. Using Zapier, customers can create simple workflows which are automatically triggered when a record is created or updated within their CRM or accounting system. Those workflows can then create sales transaction data within Sales Cookie. This ensures commission calculations always use up-to-date sales data. Once a calculation has completed, Zapier can in turn submit payment information to various systems, such as a payroll or accounting systems.

If you have sales commissions, it means someone has to get paid. So calculating commissions correctly is only half the job. Our integration with Zapier makes it possible to automatically process commission payouts. This helps sales reps get paid the right amount on time – a key characteristic of well-implemented incentive programs. We love the fact that it’s so easy to build a workflow using Zapier. No code is required – it’s like playing a game of lego!

No additional fees are required to use the Zapier integration. The cloud-based solution is available immediately at