Are you looking for an alternative to XActly Express to automate your sales commissions? In this post, we’ll show what Sales Cookie can do for your business and why it should be on your list of alternatives. Please note that Sales Cookie is NOT affiliated with XActly.

Searching for alternatives to XActly Express

Perhaps you were asked to upgrade from XActly Express to XActly Incent but don’t want to? Perhaps you’re curious about pricing from other providers? Perhaps you don’t want to commit to another long-term contract?

Perhaps you leveraged a third-party consulting company to configure rules and want to eliminate external dependencies? Perhaps you’re looking for a new user experience for your reps? Perhaps you simply want to explore other commission automation solutions?

Here are some of the reasons our customers adopt Sales Cookie:

  • Affordable & transparent pricing
  • No professional services & fees
  • Features you’re looking for
  • Next-gen customer interface
  • Interesting features & capabilities
  • Lots of system connections

Affordable & transparent pricing

In today’s day and age, you should NOT have to negotiate SaaS licensing costs. We feel that SaaS licensing should be simple and transparent. Sales Cookie has 100% transparent pricing. Our customers consistently tell us that our pricing is competitive. There is no long-term contract either (cancel anytime). You only pay for what you use. And yes – we can automate 99% of commission plans we’ve seen. We also pay great attention to calculation accuracy and software quality (ex: each time we update our software, we run 1000+ unique tests).


No professional services & fees

When deploying XActly Express, did you rely on third-party consulting for your initial configuration. Do you still depend on this third-party consulting company for maintenance – for example when you need to adjust your configuration? If so, Sales Cookie’s goal is to eliminate professional services fees and empower you to manage your commissions. Let me be clear – Sales Cookie has no setup fee / configuration fee. You’ll also receive unlimited support from our support team. How is that possible? Because we built a system that’s easy to manage. And we’re making it easier every day. You won’t have to go through some painful vendor selection to choose the right configuration partner. And you won’t be at the mercy of a middleman or consulting third-party with limited control over the software (and sometimes questionable expertise).


Features you’re looking for

Naturally, you may wonder whether Sales Cookie can reliably automate your commission structure. Perhaps you have tiers, accelerators, lookup tables, splits, overrides, recoverable draws, custom rules, rollup hierarchies, etc. Don’t worry – Sales Cookie can handle all this (and much, much more). Using Sales Cookie, everything can be expressed as a formula (ex: scoring formula, dynamic crediting formula, attainment formula, payout formula) and as a time-dependent variable (ex: quotas, thresholds, payouts, etc.). Even the most complex scenarios are supported – ex: inter-period transfers, sales contests, clawbacks, overrides, estimates, simulations, automated enrollment, e-signatures, etc. Take a look at our (long & growing) list of features here.


Next-gen customer interface

Sales Cookie is intelligent and uses a modern web interface. We want to help your reps feel like they’re working for the best company ever. Sales Cookie helps your reps feel that you really care about them, and makes their commissions accessible and transparent. If you’re looking for a fresh new look, Sales Cookie is ready for you. We’ll even build a POC free of charge for you (with your own data and plan logic) so you can really see what Sales Cookie will look like for you. Also, this allows you to make sure that we can indeed automate your (complex) sales commission logic.




Interesting features & capabilities

Sales Cookie offers some interesting capabilities you’ll enjoy using. Do you want to survey your reps to check if your incentive program is really working? You got it!


Looking to better understand your revenue, churn, acquisition, customer loyalty? Yes, that’s included!



Do you want to build a totally custom report with drill-downs, filters, etc.? Let’s go!


Do you want to become compliant with accounting standards such as ASC 606? Sure thing!


Do you want to empower your reps to submit disputes regarding their commissions and help your admins figure out how to best resolve them? Of course!

Lots of system connections

Sales Cookie has a concept of a “data pool” which allows you to combine data from many different data sources. For example, you could sync records from 3 different SalesForce reports, plus invoices from QuickBooks, plus appointments from a CSV file. Even though each data set has its own fields, you can query records across all data sources in commission logic while still referring to original data fields. Sales Cookie supports many native connections, but also many different APIs such as REST APIs, OData APIs, Web Endpoints, and much more! Here are just a few of those:



In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a serious alternative to XActly Express, Sales Cookie should be on your list. We look forward to giving you an in-depth demo and showing your the extensive capabilities we’ve created to automate your sales commissions. Get in touch, send us some sample sales data, and let us do the hard work!