Simple & Transparent Pricing

Our solution does not require any IT infrastructure. Your automation will be hosted in the cloud, using a secure and scalable multi-tenant architecture. Trials do not require a credit card and are good for 14 days. There is no long term commitment either - cancel anytime. Start your free trial today - or tell us a bit about your incentive plans and let us show you how you can automate everything in 3 days or less.

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For Large Organizations

$49.99 / User / Month

More Features
  • +Manage >25 Plans
  • +Store >100,000 Transactions
  • +Store >1000 Calculations
  • +Custom Authentication
  • +Remote API Access
Free Trial


Commissions Made Easy!

$19.99 / User / Month

Normally $29.99
  • +Billed Monthly
  • +Visual Plan Designer
  • +Adjustments & Overrides
  • +Incentive Dashboards
  • +Role Management
  • +Teams & Territories
  • +Data Synchronization
  • +Enterprise Reporting
  • +Activity Logging
  • +Automated Enrollment
Free Trial

Free Trial

Explore Incentive Automation

$0 / User / Month

Try All Features

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Free Configuration Included

Most of our competitors require high setup fees or expensive consulting services. Sales Cookie does not require a setup fee. Even better, we'll configure your automation, within limits below, completely free of charge. Dealing with a complex incentive program beyond those limits? Save money by configuring yourself, or reach out for a quote. Click here to start documenting your commissions.

Free Trial 10+ Users 15+ Users 20+ Users 30+ Users 50+ Users
1 Plan 3 Plans 4 Plans 5 Plans 7 Plans Contact Us
* A plan represents one way to pay commissions (ex: if you have 3 types of commissions, you will need 3 plans)
** Due to high demand for Sales Cookie, the minimum required subscription pack is 10 users

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in calculating your ROI? Click here.
Otherwise, we invite you to review our knowledge base.
In the meantime, here are a few frequently asked questions.

What Is The Definition Of A User?
All payees plus admins. Every payee gets an incentive dashboard where they can view their statements, payouts, goals, and more. No need to generate and send commission spreadsheets!

Is There a Minimum Number Of Users?
Due to high demand, the minimum required subscription pack is 10 users. Any user beyond the minimum requires a single license.

Which Systems Do You Support?
We have native integration with QuickBooks, HubSpot, SalesForce, Dynamics CRM, PayPal, Zapier, etc. And we support CSV files.

How Long Is The Free Trial Valid For?
For 14 days, after which you will be asked to subscribe. However, you can start another fresh trial if you want (perpetual trial).

What Will My ROI Be Like?
You can use our calculator. How much do generating commission spreadsheets, incorrect payouts, disputes, not legally protecting commissions, lack of compliance, or losing top reps cost you today?

Will My Data Be Safe And Secure?
Absolutely! Our team is fanatical about data security. Read about our commitment to security. Or tour security features to learn more.

What Does The Free Trial Include?
The free trial includes all features of the business subscription. The free trial also includes sample demo data.

Any Limits I Should Be Aware Of?
The Business plan will store up to 100K transactions, 25 plans, and 1000 calculations. This is sufficient for most customers.

Bring All Hands On Deck!

It's easy to add participants and other admins. You get to decide who sees what. For example, you can hide incentive plans (and associated calculations / rewards) - and every action is logged.

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What Do I Get?

For the price of 4 cups of coffee per user / month, you get all features listed below. In fact, once you've automated your sales incentive program, we're confident you'll need less coffee. You'll likely have more money for cookies too!

Free Trial
Start Free Trial
Register Now
Register Now
Plan Design Tour Feature
Revenue-Based Goals
Profit-Based Goals
Score-Based Goals (Scoring Rules)
Individual-Based Goals
Team-Based Goals
% Increase-Based Goals
Sales Contests
Attainment Level Layering
Flexible Rewards (10 Variants)
Flexible Reward Assignment Policies
Plan Transaction Filtering
Plan Legal Builder
Automated User Enrollment
Incentive Calculations Tour Feature
Flexible Crediting Engine
Detailed Calculation Logs
Exclude Taxes From Revenue
Salary-Weighted Allocations
Per-Plan & Per-Individual Payout Limits
Review / Release Credits
Review / Release Rewards
Credited Transactions Drill Downs
Commission Splits
Estimated Commissions
Adjust & Override
Personal Incentive Dashboards Tour Feature
Review Plans, Credits, Rewards
Payout History
Export Statements
Initiate Dispute / Request
Claim Transaction Wizard
Badges & Annoucements
Manager View
Team View
Commission Surveys
Setup & Configuration Tour Feature
Store >100K Transactions
Sample Demo Data
Bulk-Add Users
Import Users From CRM
Assign Security Roles
Team / Territory Management
Entity Tagging And Search
Import From CSV
Import From REST API
Import From QuickBooks
Import From FTP
Import From HubSpot
Import From SalesForce
Import From Dynamics CRM
Import From Web Endpoint
Import From Zapier
Sales Transaction Duplicate Detection
Recurring (Automated) Transaction Import
Auto-Detect Field Mappings
Transaction Filtering
Zapier Payroll Trigger
PayPal Mass Payment
Payroll Gateway Connector
Multi-Currency Support Tour Feature
Automated Exchange Rate Lookups (Visa™ APIs)
Symbol-To-Currency Mappings
Automated Currency Conversions
Per-User Currencies
Currency Auto-Detection
Security & Auditing Tour Feature
Distinct Security Roles
Restricted / Hidden Incentive Plans
Searchable Activity Log
Data Retention Policy
Configurable IP Range Blocking
Configurable Email Blocking
Data Encryption At Rest
Multi-Workspace Sandboxing
Single Sign-On
Enterprise Reporting Tour Feature
Payout Reports (4)
Crediting Reports (8)
Attainent Reports (6)
Report Dashboard
Microsoft™ Power BI Connection
OData API Access
ASC 606 Amortization