About Sales Cookie

Based in innovative Seattle (WA), Sales Cookie was created with one purpose in mind - offer a modern cloud-based solution to help winning sales organizations automate sales compensation programs. We believe that automating reward life cycles is the best way to motivate sales team to push for the next level and deliver amazing results! We are committed to helping organizations make their sales operations more efficient with a zero deployment footprint. You can read more about our vision here.

Automation Rules!

Manual incentive programs are taxing. Representatives can feel cheated, administrators frustrated, and rewards disconnected from sales goals. Only automation can provide the credibility, accuracy, and ease of use you deserve.


Many incentive automation solutions require heavy investments in IT or lengthy consulting engagements. We offer a cloud-based SaaS solutions with a zero deployment footprint. Deploy automation in a matter of minutes (not months) with no setup fee.


Many sales solutions have technical limitations, requiring compromises when designing incentive programs. As a result, incentives remain disconnected from sales goals. Our solutions offer the flexibility you need to align rewards with your unique business needs.

Why We Built It

We built Sales Cookie because we ourselves experienced situations where faulty incentive implementations wreaked havoc on sales morale and trust. We feel it's time to fix this and make sales incentives delicious and rewarding. After all, successful incentive programs are the #1 driver of sales performance.


Dominic Pouzin

CTO & Co-Founder

French-British-American. Masters in Computer Science from INSA. 10+ software patents. 10 year Microsoft alumni. Worked on nuclear physics. Bootstrapped a startup to 200 employees.

Swati Mehra

Sales Director & Co-Founder

East Indian & American. Masters in Business Administration from Georgia Institute of Technoloy. Previously, Director for Deloitte Risk Management's Seattle office and Audit Director at REI.

Our Core Values


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It's hard to make complicated things look simple, but we try our best to make it so.

Clear Decisions

We believe in clear decisions: do it, don't do it, or revisit later. We prefer bullet-point emails to friendly but inconclusive conversations.


We believe in the importance of responding quickly, helping one another, paying attention to noise, and staying connected.

Work Hard

Labor omnia vincit - work conquers all. We believe in the fundamental value of working hard when too many claim to work "smart".

Own Results

We believe in owning results (not just projects or organizational hierarchies). And in making commitments which do impact customers.

We're It

We don't view our company as our "mom". We are the company. If something needs to change, it's our responsibility to step up.

The Magic Of Software

There was a time when software felt a bit mysterious and magic. Let's bring some of that magic back into what we create!

Low Key

We do not actively seek attention or publicity. We let the quality of our product and service speak for ourselves.