Sales Commissions + Your System

Are you looking for a way to calculate commissions or issue payments which works with your systems?
Sales Cookie offers multiple ways to integrate with various CRM, ERP and Payroll systems.

4 Reasons To Choose Sales Cookie

Sales Cookie lets you easily design incentive plans using an interactive wizard. Change incentives any time. Pay your reps the right amount and on time. Run calculations and publish results. All your reps or agents get a personalized commission dashboard.

  Import / Export Using CSV Data
  Auto-Sync Data From Your CRM or ERP
  Send Automated Payments To Payroll
  Integrate Without Consulting Engagements

Automate Your Sales Commissions

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Sales Cookie + Your System


Use our step-by-step interactive wizard to design sales incentive plans. Perhaps you have quotas, tiers, splits, draws, or formulas? We can handle all of those.


Import or export data using CSV files. We'll auto-map fields. For automated syncs, either call our Web API, or deploy a web page we can pull data from.


Submit any plan for calculation. We'll credit users or teams, and calculate all commissions using your own sales data. Your reps are paid correctly, on time.


Increase sales motivation and commission transparency by giving each rep a dashboard. Your reps can even review their commissions on the go!

Sales Cookie In a Nutshell

Sales Cookie Solves Issues Related to Sales Commission Programs And Provides:

  • A personal dashboard for each rep.
  • Fast & easy commission calculations
  • An awesome incentive plan designer
  • Automated participant enrollment
  • Easy payout review & processing
  • Streamlined dispute management
  • How to legally protect incentive plans
  • How to comply with accounting rules
  • And much, much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Integrate With My Existing ERP / CRM System?

If your system is not listed under our current Integrations, you have four options. First, you can always import sales transactions using CSV data. Second, you can deploy a web page, from which we will pull transactions every hour. Third, you can use our web API to automatically import sales transactions. Fourth, if you use Zapier, you can use our Zapier action to connect your system and create sales transactions. For more information, refer this KB article to review all available options. Most implementations require an IT department or developer and take 4-8 hours.

Do My Imported CSV Files Need To Be In a Specific Format?

No. You can use your own format. We will automatically detect content and map fields. For example, if your CSV data contains country names, we will automatically map those to sales territories. Of course, you can always override mappings. Finally, we remember your mappings, so when later you need to import more data, you don't need to map fields over and over again.

How Can I Integrate With My Existing Payroll System?

You have four options. First, you can always export payouts as CSV data, which you can then process manually. Second, you can deploy a web page, which we will post payment information to when you release rewards. Third, if you use PayPal, you can use our native Mass Payment integration to pay vendors, agents, etc. Fourth, if you use Zapier, you can use our Zapier trigger to connect to your payroll system and process payouts.

What Do Exported Payment CSV Files Look Like?

When you export commission payment information from Sales Cookie, we generate a CSV file with all necessary details. You can export information about credits (a list of sales transactions, credited users, and credited amounts). You can also export information about payments (a list of commission payouts, beneficiaries, and goal attainment).

Will My Integration Be Secure?

Yes. When you configure integrations, you can specify a secret which is only known to you. You can revoke access any time. Also, all data is encrypted when transferred and stored.