Secure And Auditable Incentive Management

Let's face it, sales incentive data is highly sensitive and requires robust security. From encryption to change logs or precise permission management, we'll keep your data safe.

Security - In Depth

Not everyone should have access to every incentive plan. And when a change is made, you should know about it. Careful handling of your data is critical. Sales Cookie delivers the security and auditing features you need. Learn more about our commitment to security here.

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Assign Security Roles

Security roles let you assign specific permissions to users. Data is automatically filtered based on user roles, so users can only access data they are supposed to. All role changes are audited and logged.

Full Admins

Full admins have unlimited control over all settings. Grant this role to users you fully trust to manage all aspects of your sales incentive program.

Plan Admins

Plan admins are limited admins who have been granted permissions on specific plans only. Grant this role to users you want to delegate plan management to.

Limited Admins

Limited admins are read-only administrators (some plans may be hidden from them). Grant this role to users who need to see what's going on.


Participants only have access to their personal incentive dashboard. Grant this role to users who do not need to manage incentive plans.

Authentication Safeguards

All Sales Cookie logins are protected by Auth0, an authentication service. We never store your credentials, and your account is protected from attacks such as compromised passwords, brute-force attacks, and suspicious logins. Not to mention compliance with standards such as ISO27018, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and more.

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Data Security Options

We understand how sensitive your data is. Here are a few additional ways we protect it.

Retention Policies

Configure for how long transaction data should be kept. Use to auto-delete expired data.

Encryption At Rest

Your data is encrypted and decrypted real-time using Microsoft™ SQL data encryption.

IP Range Blocking

Prevent unauthorized access by specifying allowed IPs / domains for additional security.

Automate Your Sales Incentive Program

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Hide Incentive Plans

Easily configure who can see which incentive plan. Delegate plan management responsibilities to specific users. Hide plans and related credits / rewards from users who should not have access.

Need An Extra Fort Knox?

Need even more control or isolation? Just create another workspace.

Segregate Data

Each workspace is like a fully isolated security sandbox. Create multiple workspaces to represent independent business units.

Run Experiments

Use additional workspaces as test sandboxes to see how things work. Then deploy to your actual production workspace.

Detailed Activity Log

The integrated activity log allows you to search for, export, and review user and system activity within each workspace. Every user action is tracked, so if something happened, you will find about it.