Incentive Dashboards

All participants get their own personal incentive dashboard. They can enroll in incentive plans, review credits, understand payouts, and submit enquiries. The result? Clear objectives and more focus on selling.

Easy To Understand Statements

Eliminate the need to distribute confusing spreadsheets. Configure user enrollment, start calculations, and release results. Approved results instantly appear on each participant's incentive dashboard.

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Streamline Disputes

You need an integrated solution which allows you to systematically organize and resolve enquiries or disputes. Sales Cookie lets users categorize and submit enquiries directly from their incentive dashboards. A single pane of glass view enables plan admins to systematically review and resolve all issues.

Issue Submission

Participants can easily submit enquiries directly from their personal incentive dashboard.

Admin Review

Plan admins are notified of new enquiries. All enquiries are linked to plans & reward periods.

Easy Resolution

As users submit enquiries, they must provide additional details. We find matching transactions.

Communication Without Clarity Is Noise

To avoid confusion, disputes, and other shadow accounting, you must provide clarity. Personal incentive dashboards allow your team to clearly understand all rules of engagement, review progress towards goals, and understand earnings. Only credits and rewards you approve are visible.


Configure general announcements, or one-offs only visible to specific users.


Enable users to view and understand their progression towards sales goals.


Allow users to understand exactly why they received assigned payouts.

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Automate User Enrollment

Legally protecting your plan should be easy. Sales Cookie allows you to automate and manage all aspects of user enrollment. Choose among pre-defined terms & conditions, or add custom ones. Then, configure a user enrollment method. We'll manage everything - from sending enrollment emails, to collecting e-signatures.

Works On The Go

Personal incentive dashboards scale to mobile devices - without users being required to install an app. When your team is on the go and wants to review new annoucements, submit enquiries, or check crediting, they can.

Manager & Team View

Managers need to understand how their teams are performing. Managers can switch to a different user and compare results directly from their own incentive dashboard.