Incentive Reporting On Steroids

Without proper incentive reporting, you're flying blind. You can't be sure that your sales incentive program is cost-effective and fair. This is why Sales Cookie comes with advanced reporting capabilities - from built-in reports, to support for Microsoft™ Power BI Desktop. You'll always be able to understand who got what, when, and why.

Easy & Powerful Incentive Reporting

Sales Cookie includes built-in crediting, payout, and attainment reports. And if that's not enough, you can access all calculation results using Microsoft™ Power BI Desktop and even OData API calls. So if you need complex reporting, we have your back.

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Built-In Reports

Built-in reports help you get information quickly. Each report can be filtered by time period, by plan, or by calculation. And you are never stuck with built-in visualizations. Underlying data is also available to you as spreadsheets.

Payout Reports

Understand the cost of incentives. Analyze compensation by user, by team, or by reward type. Visualize spend per plan as well as over time.

Crediting Reports

Understand crediting of sales transactions to users and teams. Review crediting by product type, customer name, and other metrics.

Attainment Reports

Understand attainment of sales goals by users and teams. Visualize results by level of difficulty, attained incentive level, and more.

Rep Surveys

Undertand if your commission program is effective by running a survey. Review and analyze survey responses to take actions.

Reporting Options

You reporting options extend well beyond built-in reporting capabilities.

Built-In Reports

Leverage payout, crediting, and attainment reports. Filter by time period or plan type.

Power BI Desktop

Securely connect to Microsoft Power BI. Create custom reports, add drill-downs, visualize.


Need even more reporting capabilities? Use the OData API protocol to access all data.

Automate Your Sales Incentive Program

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Transaction Query & Reporting

Build real-time queries from imported sales transactions (we'll even auto-complete search fields as you type). Click on users or teams to view which exact transactions they were credited with. Save and re-use transaction queries.

The Power of Power BI

Easily connect from Power BI Desktop - at no cost to you.

Stunning Reports

Chooose among dozens of report widgets. No technical knowledge is required to build custom reports.

Advanced Capabilities

From business intelligence to drill-down capabilities, you have the whole power of Power BI behind you.

Natural Language Queries

Type queries such as "What were last month's rewards" and get a report. All results are real-time.

API Access

Use secure OData API calls for even more control over your data. After all, it is your data!

Tableau Unleashed

Easily connect to Tableau and view live data.


Leverage a wide range of visualizations to understand your commisisons.

Data Analysis

Analyze rep attainment, sales performance, commission spend, territory crediting, and more.

Commission Dashboards

Gain a complete view of your commission data by the means of visualizations, reports, etc.