Setup & Configuration

Need to make your sales incentive program more flexible and easier to manage? It all starts with easy setup and configuration. Learn how you can easily deploy incentive automation within your own cloud Sales Cookie environment.

Quick And Easy Initial Setup

Sales Cookie is 100% cloud-based, so you don't need to procure or maintain expensive software or hardware. From easy sales transaction import to integration with CRM systems, we've made it easy to configure every aspect of your sales incentive program.

 Setup Environment 

Bulk-Add Users

Easily add users by editing a spreadsheet online. Or configure automatic import from systems such as QuickBooks™, HubSpot™, SalesForce™, or Dynamics™. Bulk-assign security roles using an interactive wizard. You'll be ready in no time!

Full Admins

Full admins have unlimited control over all settings. Grant this role to users you fully trust to manage all aspects of your sales incentive program.

Plan Admins

Plan admins are limited admins who have been granted permissions on specific plans only. Grant this role to users you want to delegate plan management to.

Limited Admins

Limited admins are read-only administrators (some plans may be hidden from them). Grant this role to users who need to see what's going on.


Participants only have access to their personal incentive dashboard. Grant this role to users who do not need to manage incentive plans.

Import Sales Transactions

Tired of repetitive manual CSV uploads? Easily connect to any existing sales or accounting system.
We'll automatically import users or transactions so that you never have to perform manual uploads.
We'll sync changes too - so if sales transactions change at the source, they will be updated.


Easily connect to SalesForce to automate the import of sales transactions or users. Sales transactions can be imported from any view you create within SalesForce.


Add a connection to Dynamics CRM to automate the import of sales transactions or users. Sales transactions can be imported from any view you create within Dynamics CRM.


Easily add a connection to HubSpot to automate the import of deals or users. Importing users or deals defined within Hubspot only takes about two minutes to configure.


Connect to QuickBooks to automate the import of sales transactions or users. Importing invoices / receipts from QuickBooks only takes about two minutes to configure.

Web Endpoints

Connect to any sales or accounting systems - whether online or in your intranet. Implement a secure web page and respond to simple queries - sales transactions are synched.

Start Configuring!

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Configure Teams And Territories

Express your organization's structure in flexible ways using teams and territories. Looking to reward collective or team manager sales performance? Simply define team-based sales goals and let us perform all required calculations. Configure flexible crediting and rewards assignment - including team split rules and manager set-asides.

Your Data's Shape

The "shape" of sales transaction data is unique to each business. As you import sales transactions, we automatically analyze your data to suggest mappings, as well as extract values such as embedded currency symbols.


As you import sales transactions, we automatically classify data and suggest candidate field mappings.

Duplicate Detection

You don't need to worry about duplicate sales transaction data - our system is designed to prevent them.

Data Extraction

We automatically extract data embedded within numeric fields such as currency names or symbols.

Field Mapping Memory

As you import new batches of transaction data, we'll remember and suggest previous field mappings.

Incentive Plan Design

Once you've setup your users, teams / territories, and have imported sales transactions, you're ready to define incentive plans. Our plan designer will walk you through compensation design step-by-step. No technical knowledge is required (even to create sophisticated rewards).

Avoid Hidden Deployment Costs

Easy Setup

Other solutions claim they are cloud-based but require expensive setup fees or consulting engagements. Let us do the hard work. Send us a description of your incentive program and we'll setup a POC free of charge.

Fully Managed

Your sales incentive automation will be securely hosted in the cloud - no need to procure or configure expensive hardware or software. We'll automatically patch and upgrade your cloud tenant, including a constant stream of new features.