Incentive Calculations

Once you've imported sales transactions and configured your incentive plans, you can submit them for calculation. We will process all eligible sales transactions and credit the right users / teams / territories. We will then compute and assign rewards to beneficiaries (as per your configured thresholds and reward assignment policy). Rewards aren't limited to monetary ones - they can be something else (ex: congratulatory emails, badges, prizes).

Fast Calculations, Anytime

Submitting a plan for calculation just takes a few clicks. Each calculation includes a detailed log, so you'll be able to review transactions, credited users, and computed rewards. Calculations process sales transactions in parallel to ensure you get results faster.

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Automate Currency Conversions

If you deal with multiple currencies, we can help. We'll automatically convert any value we find in sales transactions. When performing calculations, we'll output results using both your and each participant's currency. For additional information on multi-currency support, click here.

Convert Between Currencies

Define whether you want manual or automated exchange rate conversions. Our solution is capable of automatically fetching market exchange rates.

Map Currency Symbols

Currency symbols can be ambiguous at times. Does "$" mean US or Australian Dollar? Map currency symbols once, and let us do the rest.

Pay Everyone In Their Currency

Tell us which currency to use for each participant. All rewards and reports will be calculated using both their and your main currency.

Audit Calculation Results

We've included specific features to ensure calculations can be audited and verified - in depth.

Detailed Log

Each calculation includes a detailed log, showing the detail of every operation - down to each individual transaction.

Plan Snapshot

When you start a calculation, we take a full read-only snapshot copy of your plan's configuration for later review.

Alias Auditing

Transactions are credited to users / teams based on aliases defined on them. The alias audit tool allows you to investigate crediting.

Avoid Overpayment

Sales Cookie was designed to prevent overpayment of commissions.
Here are some of the included features you can use to prevent overpayment.

Profit-Based Goals

In addition to revenue-based goals, you can define profit-based goals. This prevents overpayment of commissions for low-margin, highly discounted transactions.

Payout Limits

Configure payout limits to prevent overpayment. You can define per-plan or per-individual limits. If the plan's limits are exceeded, individual payouts are pro-rated.

Tax Exclusion

If your revenue already includes taxes, we can help subtract taxes before commissions are calculated. Different options are available to calculate taxes.

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Welcome To Flexible Crediting

Transactions are credited to users / teams / territories based on "aliases" defined on them. Aliases are like keywords. We look for them in specific fields of sales transactions. If a match is found, the transaction is credited to the corresponding user or team. Of course, you can also define advanced crediting behaviors as shown below.

Predict Incentive Spend Using Simulations

When you are in the middle of an incentive plan's period (ex: month, quarter), you expect additional future transactions, up to the period's end date. However, because those future transactions aren't yet available, running a calculation won't tell you what your spend may look like. In fact, due to "missing" future transactions, participants will likely fail to attain defined goals as the period is incomplete. To solve this issue, you can run calculations in simulation mode.

How Many Transactions?

When you run a calculation in simulation mode, we look at the pace of your sales transactions, and automatically compute the number of expected "missing" transactions.

Which Transactions?

To provide realistic simulations, we draw transactions at random from recent ones you've already imported. Because of randomization, each simulation may be a bit different.

Analyze results

Once your calculation results are ready, you can run reports. Built-in reports help you get information quickly. Each report can be filtered by time period, by plan, or by calculation. And you are never stuck with built-in visualizations. Underlying data is also available to you as spreadsheets. For additional information on reports, including Power BI Desktop or OData API access, click here.

Payout Reports

Understand the cost of incentives. Analyze compensation by user, by team, or by reward type. Visualize spend per plan as well as over time.

Crediting Reports

Understand crediting of sales transactions to users and teams. Review crediting by product type, customer name, and other metrics.

Attainment Reports

Understand attainment of sales goals by users and teams. Visualize results by level of difficulty, attained incentive level, and more.

Rep Surveys

Undertand if your commission program is effective by running a survey. Review and analyze survey responses to take actions.

Review, Adjust, Release

When your calculation completes, you have a set of credits and rewards.


Review crediting of transactions to users and teams. Update aliases or transactions to correct crediting mistakes. When ready, release credits so that participants can see crediting progress on their personal incentive dashboard.


Review and adjust rewards assigned to beneficiaries. Review plan attainment levels and sales performance results. When ready, release rewards so that participants can see earned rewards on their personal incentive dashboard.