Incentive Plan Design

To design a great sales incentive program, you need the right level of flexibility, so that you can encourage the right sales behaviors. Whether you prefer to keep things simple or want to add some "pizzazz" to your plans, we can handle it.

Easy & Flexible Incentive Design

Sales Cookie lets you easily design incentive programs, step-by-step, using an interactive wizard. Using a 5 step approach, you will effortlessly choose among dozens of options. We'll even review your plan for problems & accuracy.

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Set Goals Which Grow Your Business

Other solutions assume performance should be measured using revenue. We disagree. Revenue is a great option, but not the only one. You should be free to choose the performance metric which makes the most sense to your business. Just select the metric you need - we will automatically handle all required calculations on your behalf.

Revenue Goals

Use revenue to formulate traditional sales goals when volume is your number one priority.

Profit Goals

Use profit to avoid overpayment of commissions when your team grants significant discounts.

Custom Goals

Use scoring to promote specific sales behavior, or to reward producers for completing specific tasks.

Measure Sales Performance Your Way

Your incentive program should not be limited to traditional revenue-based quotas either. Perhaps you want to implement sales contests or challenge your team to reach for the next level. Or perhaps you don't want to use arbitrary quota "numbers", but would rather measure growth. Regardless of your performance metric (revenue, profit, score), how you measure it is up to you.

Raw Values

Configure sales goals using "raw value" targets. For example, this includes traditional quotas.


Use rankings to challenge your team. Create competitive rewards or sales contests.

Percent Growth

Get creative and go beyond fixed quotas. Specify a target growth rate per time period.

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Reward True Performance

Easily define how rewards are earned. Add as many attainment levels as you want. Choose whether to make rewards cumulative. Set difficulty levels for easy attainment reporting. Choose among 10 types of rewards (from straight commissions to badges and salary-based bonuses).

Check For Design Mistakes

As you design or change a plan, the integrated plan checker analyzes your configuration for potential issues.

Avoid Mistakes

If something looks wrong (or your data doesn't support it), we will let you know.

Understand Your Plan

The plan checker includes a text-based description and explains calculations.

Identify Requirements

If data is missing (or there is a hidden requirement), we'll make it clear ahead of time.

Uncompromising Flexibility

In the end, it's all about creating the right sales incentive program for your business.
To you align sales incentives with business goals, you need flexibility. You'll find plenty of that.

Not Just Cash

Cash rewards aren't the only option available to you. Non-cash rewards can help you motivate your sales team to reach for the next level.

Cash Rewards

Choose among cash-based rewards such as fixed cash bonuses, % of revenue, % of profit, % of salary, and more.

Other Rewards

Choose among non-cash based rewards such as badges, congratulatory emails, dashboard announcements, or prizes.

Legally Protect Your Plan

Once you've defined your plan, it's always a good idea to make sure everyone is on the same page. This also means making sure your plan is legally protected. Use the legal terms editor to add terms and conditions to your sales incentive plan. Once your description is ready, request and review enrollment of users into the plan.

Legal Editor

Use commonly-used, pre-defined legal fragments. Or add your own statement using the legal terms editor.


Enroll users using either simple checkbox acknowledgements, or by obtaining e-signatures.

Enrollment Requests

Choose whether emails should be sent automatically to request formal enrollment of users into the plan.