Multi-Currency By Design

Managing sales incentives is hard work. Having to deal with multiple currencies and fluctuating exchange rates doesn't make it any easier. Well, we've got some good news for you!

Automated Currency Conversions

Sales Cookie includes automated currency conversion, exchange rate lookups, and currency symbol translations. We'll even call Visa™ APIs to fetch exchange rates if you want us to. If you run a global sales organization, we can help you deal with currencies.

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Currency Management Done Right

Exchange rates can be confusing. They also quickly become outdated due to fluctuating market rates. Avoid costly payout errors by using automated currency management. We'll automatically convert any value we find in sales transactions. When performing calculations, we'll output results using both your and each participant's currency.

Convert Between Currencies

Define whether you want manual or automated exchange rate conversions. Our solution is capable of automatically fetching market exchange rates.

Map Currency Symbols

Currency symbols can be ambiguous at times. Does "$" mean US or Australian Dollar? Map currency symbols once, and let us do the rest.

Pay Everyone In Their Currency

Tell us which currency to use for each participant. All rewards and reports will be calculated using both their and your main currency.

Automate Your Sales Incentive Program

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Currency Symbol Parsing

Your sales transactions may include currency names, currency ISO codes, or currency symbols. Those currencies may be stored in separate fields, or they may reside alongside numeric values (ex: "USD 123.45"). Regardless of format or placement, we will automatically detect, extract, and manage currencies for you.