Why Sales Cookie?

Sales Commissions Are Hard

Great incentive programs are the #1 driver of sales performance. If you're spending too much time managing commissions, manually distributing spreadsheets, or lost top reps over commissions, you need Sales Cookie. Our solution will automate all aspects of your incentive program - from enrollment to payout. All your reps will get a personalized incentive dashboard. Here are some of the issues we help our customers solve.

Ready To Become Your Sales Team's Hero?

If some of these issues resonate with you, it's time to invest in automation. This is also an opportunity to build a competitive advantage for your sales team. Your admins and sales team will love you for automating every aspect of your sales incentive program.

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What Makes Sales Cookie Different?

Here are a few things which set us aside from other solutions.

  • Flexible And Innovative

    • More flexibility lets you better align sales goals with sales incentives
    • Define goals based on revenue, profit, or even rule-based scoring
    • Set targets using numerical values, rankings, or growth percentages
    • Credit transactions to users and / or teams in highly flexible ways
    • Layer attainment levels and associated rewards in complex ways

  • Prevent Overpayment

    • Our solution was designed to prevent over-payment
    • Cap payouts to a maximum amount, per individual or per plan
    • Set goals using profit to protect payouts from excessive discounts
    • Subtract taxes from earned revenue to avoid overpayment
    • Run simulations to predict incentive spend ahead of time

  • World-Class Enterprise Capabilities

    • Leverage advanced capabilities without unmanageable complexity
    • Retrieve transactions from any sales or accounting system
    • Visualize incentive results using PowerBI for complex reporting
    • Audit all user and system activity, download calculation logs
    • Take advantage of robust in-depth security such as IP blocking

  • A Better Customer Experience

    • Use a modern user interface designed to make your life easier
    • Let the system automatically handle currency exchange rates
    • Pay for what you use with a simple & transparent pricing model
    • Review any system or user action as activity log entries
    • No annoying "modules" or companion product up-sells

  • Fast Incentive Calculations

    • Don't take our word for it - submit a calculation and time it
    • Experiment with different designs, get results faster, pay on time
    • Make adjustments any time (no need to wait for calculation results)
    • All calculations are performed using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform
    • Take advantage of parallel transaction processing that's hard to beat