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1. Cost of Managing Commissions
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2. Cost of Commission Calculation Errors
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% paid in commissions
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3. Cost of Commission-Related Churn
reps lost each quarter
recruiting costs / rep
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4. Cost of Shadow Accounting / Disputes
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Your Estimate

Current Costs ~149K / Year
Efficiency Savings ~67K / Year
Sales Cookie ~4.0K / Year
Net Savings ~63K / Year

Sales Cookie could eliminate 42% of costs related to sales commissions. It would repay for its cost after 16 days. This is a very conservative estimate. Your savings could be a lot higher.

Here is a breakdown of your costs not using Sales Cookie:
This estimate is based on the following conservative assumptions:
  • Commission-related churn reduced by 30%
  • Shadow accounting reduced by 50%
  • Commission management reduced by 70%
  • Calculation errors reduced by 90%

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