Want to Boost Sales?

It All Starts With a Great Sales Incentive Program

As a tech startup, you know what drives sales - a great sales commission program. At the same time, you're too busy to battle with sales commission spreadsheets. And you can't afford to lose good reps over commissions. Our solution makes it easy to design or change incentive plans. Each rep will get an online dashboard where they can view their commissions, and your calculations will be fast and correct. Even better, we offer 1 year of free service to tech startups with under USD 500K in annual revenue.

Briefly describe your startup's sales commission program and we'll demo a modernized version - including:

  • A personal dashboard for each rep.
  • Fast & easy commission calculations
  • An awesome incentive plan designer
  • Automated participant enrollment
  • Easy payout review & processing
  • Streamlined dispute management
  • How to legally protect your plan
  • How to comply with accounting rules
  • And much, much more


Ready For An Awesome Sales Commission Program?

Tell us a bit about your sales commission program and we'll prepare & demo a fully automated version. Can't wait? Sign up for a free trial (no credit card required).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Automate?

As a startup, you want to focus on growth - not sales commission headaches. At the same time, you need to make sure that you keep your best reps, are legally protected, and remain compliant with auditing rules. Think about it. No need to generate and distribute messy commission spreadsheets. No need to worry about modifying incentive plans. No need to worry about legally protecting your plan, complying with accounting standards, or incorrect payouts. And you'll modernize and energize your sales force.

Is It Really Free?

If your organization has under USD 500K in revenue, you qualify for 1 year of service. Simply sign up and send us your account's email address so that we can enable this offer.

How Does It Work?

Just click above to tell us about your incentive program and book an appointment! As soon as we receive your brief description, we'll configure sample incentive plans and setup some automation. During your appointment, we'll show you how you can automate your entire commission program - plan design, participant enrollment, personal dashboards, robust calculations, payout approval, dispute management, etc.

I Am Not The Decision Maker

Take control of the situation. If you are on the receiving end of messy spreadsheets, inaccurate payouts, or aren't paid on time - book the meeting and invite your boss. This is an opportunity to be recognized as your sales team's hero. You can also book the meeting with us and show your boss the result later. We're confident he or she will love it.

What Level Of Detail Should I Share?

It's up to you to decide the level of detail you want to share regarding your current incentive program. We usually find that, as a starting point, high-level explanations work better than Excel calculation spreadsheets or exact quota numbers. Just make sure to share enough details so that we can configure and present something relevant to you.

Are There Any Setup / Consulting Fee?

No - we never charge any setup or consulting fee. You don't need to spend thousands in setup fees or expensive consulting engagements to fully automate your sales incentive program. Our solution is 100% cloud based, so there is nothing to install either. Over 90% of our customers are fully setup in 3 days or less. You can also access all capabilities for 14 days at no cost to you (no credit card required).

Can You Handle Complex Commission Plans?

Our solution offers some of the most flexible designs you can find among all commission management solutions. We support many different types of crediting and reward assignment policies - managers set-aside, split commissions, etc. We also support advanced capabilities for complex scenarios such as spend simulations, transaction scoring, or competitive ranking. To learn more, click here.

Do You Support My Accounting / CRM / Sales System?

We offer native support for systems such as QuickBooks, HubSpot, SalesForce or Dynamics. Our patent-pending technology allows us to sync data from any CRM view. In addition, we can easily integrate with other systems using a single web page. Even if your sales / accounting system is only accessible from your intranet, we can pull data from it.

Where Are You Located?

We are based in beautiful Seattle, WA and our solution is 100% designed and made in the United States. We've worked for companies such as Microsoft and Deloitte. More importantly, we really understand sales commissions and want to help make your incentive program awesome.